Monthly Pricing

Pay-as-you-go pricing is perfect for users who only plan to send campaigns once per month or less, (i.e. a quarterly newsletter).  Or for the new eMarketer who's starting to use email marketing periodically. 

With monthly pricing you have the following options:

  • Basic - Great if you send at least once per month. Send up to 2,500-50,000 (see below) emails across campaigns and Autoresponders.
  • Unlimited - Perfect for daily or frequent senders. Send unlimited emails (including Autoresponders) and run unlimited free design/spam tests.

The monthly amount is based on the number of active subscribers on all your lists at the time payment is due.  For example:  If you have 2 lists with 1000 active subscribers each, that's 2000 in total at the time of payment.

Subscribers who are on the unsubscribed, bounced, suppressed, unconfirmed or deleted lists will not be included in your active subscriber count.

Active Subscribers Basic
0 - 500

2,500 total emails

Unlimited campaigns & automation

501 - 2,500

12,500 total emails

Unlimited campaigns & automation
2,501 - 5,000

25,000 total emails

Unlimited campaigns & automation
5,001 - 10,000 $121.00
50,000 total emails
Unlimited campaigns & automation
For larger subscriber lists please contact us to discuss a solution.
** Prices in CAD.  Contact us for other currencies.


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