Targeted Lists

Simple list management is the key to maintaining your sanity when managing your campaigns!


Collect subscriber names and automatically personalize each issue sent.

By including a subscriber's name in the Subject line and/or Greeting of your message, you increase the recognition and response to your email.  It stands out better in an inbox and helps the reader feel like the message is written specifically for them.  Help your readers connect with your message and reduce the possibility of your email being mistaken for SPAM.

Segmented Lists

Collect additional data and quickly build segmented lists to better target specific groups.

For example, you could collect gender and location information and send an email to only your female subscribers in Vancouver.  By targeting a very specific audience that best matches the message of your email, you can dramatically increase it's effeciveness and reader response.

Beyond captured demographics you can also segment based on campaign history, such as only subscribers that have opened a certain number of emails or clicked certain links.

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In this brief article I reveal the secrets of "Phishing Scams" and how to avoid them.  eMail Marketing software can inadvertently make you look like a "Phisher" to your readers. This can erode your readers trust!  Learn how to not accidentally trigger Phishing alerts in email software as well as how to protect yourself from scams!

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