The story with is similar to the story of Bionic Entrepreneur Incorporated.  We simply want to help small business owner's succeed!

We want to give good, honest, hard working people, affordable, yet powerful, systems and tools for success.  We think of them as business superpowers.  This eMarketing system is just that!  Superpowerful!

You can choose to pay-as-you-go, or select a monthly plan that suits your usage as your mailing lists grow.  There are never any unexpected "over use charges" for going outside your monthly quota.  Even monthly plans have predictable pricing based on your total number of subscribers.  You know exactly the (low) cost of using the service.  With pay-as-you-go, you only pay when you use it.  Not sending a campaign for 3 months?  It costs you nothing!  Not only that, you see the return on your invesment with amazing tracking and statistics tools.

So what more could we ask for?

  • Free to try!
  • Low cost and only when you use it!
  • Fast, reliable delivery!
  • Detailed trackable results!
  • Powerful and easy to use!

It was a no brainer to add this kind of eMarketing system to our list of services!

If you're a Bionic client, create a ticket on your account and ask about adding email marketing tools to your service and play with it for free, to see what you think.  Send to up to 5 test addresses free of charge.  See the stats and tracking in action.

We hope these tools help you in your marketing efforts!  Don't forget to watch the "Resources/Blog" section for marketing tips and info and subscribe to the BionicMail newsletter for articles and tips for Small Business owners.  We NEVER spam and you can unsubscribe at any time. [Privacy]

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To Your Success!

Calvin Tyndall
Founder - Bionic Entrepreneur Incorporated

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In this brief article I reveal the secrets of "Phishing Scams" and how to avoid them.  eMail Marketing software can inadvertently make you look like a "Phisher" to your readers. This can erode your readers trust!  Learn how to not accidentally trigger Phishing alerts in email software as well as how to protect yourself from scams!

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