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Not All Mail Readers Are Created Equal

The internet has been around for a long time.  It's unfortunate that all the different tools we have to read email don't display content the same way.  In fact, not even all web browsers conform to specific standards in the way they render HTML content, but email readers are much worse.

Lucky for you, our designers understand this and know how to make your email look good in all the common applications used for reading email.  Whether it be something like Hotmail online or Outlook on your PC, you can even test your newsletter designs before you send them! 

The design test tool gives you a snapshot of exactly what YOUR email will look like in various mail readers, BEFORE you send it out.  You can then go back and revise things if necessary.

Web Design and Integration

FREE BRANDED TEMPLATE for all web development clients.

If you're one of our web clients, or would like to be, we can integrate your newsletter composition right into your custom and powerful website by Bionic Web Development.  Use one familiar and flexible interface to compose your site content and newsletter issues.  Import your complete issues directly into the mail system.  You can easily and automatically archive past issues on your site, to be discovered by your site visitors, or keep them private for your subscribers only.

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