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With Bionic eMarketing you have a choice! 

  • Have our designers custom design a great looking email template
  • Choose from a list of attractive, FREE templates
  • Import your own template to integrate with our content editor

Designing rich HTML email templates is not the same as designing for the web.  Unfortunately all the various programs people use to read their email don't comply to any set of standards for rendering HTML email.  Our designers know how to make your email look it's best in all the popular email reading software, from Outlook to Gmail and everything in between. 

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In this brief article I reveal the secrets of "Phishing Scams" and how to avoid them.  eMail Marketing software can inadvertently make you look like a "Phisher" to your readers. This can erode your readers trust!  Learn how to not accidentally trigger Phishing alerts in email software as well as how to protect yourself from scams!

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