Analyze Results

Without feedback you're blind!

Any good system has feedback built in.  Feedback tells us what's working, who's responding and what's no good.  It enables us to hone and refine our communications for maximum effectivness.  It allows us to react to our users' activities and gives us insight and ideas for moving forward.

Sign up and track virtually everything from:

  • Who's opened it? 
  • What did they click? 
  • Who bounced? 
  • Who marked as SPAM?

Right down to what email software they were using when they did it.

Very detailed reports give you a wide view over time as well as the ability to focus in on a single hour of time in the life of your email campaign.  See ratios, percentages, graphs, and even export all your data to use however you wish.

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In this brief article I reveal the secrets of "Phishing Scams" and how to avoid them.  eMail Marketing software can inadvertently make you look like a "Phisher" to your readers. This can erode your readers trust!  Learn how to not accidentally trigger Phishing alerts in email software as well as how to protect yourself from scams!

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