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Get results from your online marketing campaings by sending professional looking email and tracking everything.  No monthly fees, pay only for what you use.

Create and Send
Targeted Lists
Analyze Results
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Create and Send

Compose, Test, Deliver.  Focus on compelling content, we make the rest simple.

Connecting and communicating with your subscribers should be easy.  You want an attractive looking newsletter but you shouldn't have to bother with page layout or content styling every time you compose an issue.  We'll help you develop and implement a great looking email design that's effortless to use and consistent every time.  We'll free you to focus on your message so you can get results

Share freely.  Sell better.  Inspire more.

Targeted Lists

Simple list management is the key to maintaining your sanity when managing your campaigns!


Collect subscriber names and automatically personalize each issue sent.

By including a subscriber's name in the Subject line and/or Greeting of your message, you increase the recognition and response to your email.  It stands out better in an inbox and helps the reader feel like the message is written specifically for them.  Help your readers connect with your message and reduce the possibility of your email being mistaken for SPAM.

Segmented Lists

Collect additional data and quickly build segmented lists to better target specific groups.

For example, you could collect gender and location information and send an email to only your female subscribers in Vancouver.  By targeting a very specific audience that best matches the message of your email, you can dramatically increase it's effeciveness and reader response.

Beyond captured demographics you can also segment based on campaign history, such as only subscribers that have opened a certain number of emails or clicked certain links.

Analyze Results

Without feedback you're blind!

Any good system has feedback built in.  Feedback tells us what's working, who's responding and what's no good.  It enables us to hone and refine our communications for maximum effectivness.  It allows us to react to our users' activities and gives us insight and ideas for moving forward.

Sign up and track virtually everything from:

  • Who's opened it? 
  • What did they click? 
  • Who bounced? 
  • Who marked as SPAM?

Right down to what email software they were using when they did it.

Very detailed reports give you a wide view over time as well as the ability to focus in on a single hour of time in the life of your email campaign.  See ratios, percentages, graphs, and even export all your data to use however you wish.

Design Options

Make your email look good!

With Bionic eMarketing you have a choice! 

  • Have our designers custom design a great looking email template
  • Choose from a list of attractive, FREE templates
  • Import your own template to integrate with our content editor

Designing rich HTML email templates is not the same as designing for the web.  Unfortunately all the various programs people use to read their email don't comply to any set of standards for rendering HTML email.  Our designers know how to make your email look it's best in all the popular email reading software, from Outlook to Gmail and everything in between. 

More about email design here!


Send eMail on triggered events or over a period of time!

Autoresponders are sometimes called "sequential autoresponders", triggered emails or even drip campaigns.  They are an email or a series of emails that are sent out on a schedule, or a triggered event.

Some examples of their use would be to send an email on a customer's birthday, or maybe one month after their purchase.  You could also automatically send a series of marketing "touches" over time. 

Autoresponders can be a very powerful tool for maintining contact with your customers, or "drip marketing" your product or service.  Harness this automation for your business and also reap the rewards of powerful reports and analytics for all your eMarketing campaigns.

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In this brief article I reveal the secrets of "Phishing Scams" and how to avoid them.  eMail Marketing software can inadvertently make you look like a "Phisher" to your readers. This can erode your readers trust!  Learn how to not accidentally trigger Phishing alerts in email software as well as how to protect yourself from scams!

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